Engineered Vinyl


Engineered vinyl flooring is a type of flooring that consists of a hyper-realistic, exceptionally durable vinyl top layer and a dimensionally stable HDF or MDF core. These components are expertly manufactured together into a plank or panel format, then fastened to a secure backing.

Where and why: install engineered vinyl flooring

One of the things about  engineered floors of many types is that you don’t have to worry about nailing it to a subfloor. It can be floated, and it can be installed DIY. As such this is one of those options to consider if you’re thinking about remodeling the family room in time for family gatherings later in the year without too much fuss.

As far as the where, the options are wide open, since there are fewer restrictions than many other kinds of flooring when you’re thinking about longevity and look. Mudrooms, laundry areas, bathrooms are no longer off-limits. And this means that you can afford to spruce up these locations with those colors and patterns represented in the vinyl top later while also saving money using a more lightweight and affordable floor covering.

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