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Install Quick•Step® Laminate Flooring Flushmount Stair Nose

Install Quick•Step® Laminate Flooring Flushmount Stair Nose

Install Quick•Step® Laminate Flooring Flushmount Stair Nose. www.quick-step.com us.quick-step.com

How to Install Laminate Flooring

www.laminate-flooring-info.ws Laying your laminate flooring could not be easier! There are a few tools that will come in handy like a pair of scissors or a knife, try square, pencil. ruler, dust mask, hardpoint handsaw or jigsaw with a laminate blade, fitting wedges and trim cutters. Below is a step by step guide to laying “click” style laminate flooring. 1. Lay the laminate boards lengthways towards the light source. Use fitting wedges at intervals between the laminating board and skirting. You should leave a 10mm gap between your laminate flooring and the skirting for expansion. Lay the first laminate board in a left hand corner, the end with the short tongue against the wall. Lay the next laminate board end on, placing the short tongue of the second laminate board into the long tongue of the first laminate board at a 30 degree angle. Lower the board and lock it into place. Lay more laminate boards in the same way until you reach the end of the row, where you will probably have to cut a laminate board to make it fit. If the cut off piece is 300mm-900mm use it to start the next row, otherwise halve a new laminate board, as the joined should be staggered. 2. To star the next row, angle the cut laminate board against the laminate board in the previous row, cut end next to the skirting wedge. Press forward and fold down at the same time to lock its long side. Place the short end of the next board at an angle against the previous board and fold down. making sure the laminate
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    Thank you for your comment post! We are glad that it worked out for you!

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    I think it looks beautiful ! I have finished 9 Quick-Step star renovation projects using aluminium profile and today i started stair makeover with New QS Incizo profile 5 in 1.

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    i seen some of your videos just curious if you done much with it yet iv only seen it on a board and had mixed feelings?

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    Quick-Step Incizo 5 in 1 now also available for Quick-Step Parquet range !

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